Coding Projects - WIP

Here is a collection of some of the projects I've worked on. This collection includes code that closely resembles a finished program or is in some way considered "finished." I started writing code in college so this portfolio is still actively being worked on.

Within their own sections, the apps are sorted from oldest to most recent, left to right, top to bottom. This means the top left is the oldest, and the bottom right is the newest.

I added a quick way to navigate around the page, click these buttons to jump to specific sections


I built these particular projects in Java using the IntelliJ IDE. These are primarily JavaFX projects as while I was learning, I found that JavaFX was the most accessible way to build a program with a UI.


Commission Tracker

This was the first project I built for someone else. Someone I know works on art commissions and they needed a way to keep track of them so I built a software that was an easy way to store, update, and track all the orders they get. An argument could be made that this could be easily accomplished with an excel spreadsheet, but this way the whole experienced is packaged up and easy to use.

Raspberry PI Software


The StreamPi is a term coined that combines Raspberry Pi and ElGato Streamdeck. This software package was designed to run on the Raspberry Pi's hardware and has been expanded to run on other platforms. This is a robust alternative to the ElGato Streamdeck.


Coming Soon

This project was for a class during my last year at Ithaca. It's just about finished but it just needs those last touches. It's called "the tool" and is designed to be used on film sets!


I built these particular projects in HTML / PHP / JavaScript. Websites, webapps and the like!


Domain Watcher

A small JavaScript and PHP App that uses localStorage and cookies to remember what url or domains you want to watch or keep your eye on. The app will tell you if the url is available or not, where to buy it, and or who owns it.


A website made for a podcast that I cohost called "CastNChill." We are on Spotify, YouTube, and itunes. The site serves as a contact and information hub of sorts.


A friend and I worked on a JavaFX based software that serves as a free open source alternative to the ElGato Streamdeck. This website serves as a development hub for that project!

Website is a site that the band 'Kev and Pete' use to promote their band. They play everything from groups like the Neon Trees to the beatles, find out more on the site!


Ask Pierre

Wanna generate some stupid little meme text? Check out the ask Pierre app.

Mini Apps

There are commandlets or powershell scripts I made that help with development mostly.

Batch Script

In House SASS / SCSS Compiler

Sometimes finding the right plugin to automatically compile / map your SASS / SCSS can be a pain. So I made a batch file that uses the native sass watcher so that all you have to worry about is making sure your html projects are in folders, and all of those folders are in a coding projects folder.

NOTE: Assumes you installed DART SASS already, I'll have a guide on how to do that soon.

Batch Script

React JS App Creator / Launcher

Want a simple, relatively easy to implement widget that you can add to a website to let people know when you are live on twitch? Check out the widget creator! Where ever you try to implement this, you will need to be able to control JavaScript, CSS, and HTML though. Currently working on a way to host the widgets for the common user.