About me

I'm from a small town in the middle of upstate New York, there isn't much to do, and there was a lot of artistic influence in the area; theatre, music, film, etc. I'd like to think that at least in part has something to do with why I chose film as a major in college.

I'd like to think that another part has to do with my YouTube channel. I started it sophomore year of highschool and since then it has gained 5500 subscribers. It grew the most rapidly in the first two years and that pushed me to want to make better videos and ultimately; pursue video creation more seriously. So that's what I started looking for in colleges; an environment that would really support that. Ironically, that isn't - or at least wasn't at first - the reason I wanted to go to Ithaca college.

See I had been on tons of college visits prior to coming here, and they were all the same long tour with the best bits shown to us. But something was different about Ithaca. I honestly can't put a word to that feeling but as soon as the tour started, I felt like I was at home, that this was where I would feel comfortable spending four years away from home.

An aside: I have ADHD and Asperger's so going out of my comfort zone is a huge challenge for me, I generally like things to stay the same ... but that all went away on my tour here.

The people we met were really nice, and genuinely cool - not the usual "drink the Koolaid" cool, like there were real people with real interests. From then on the time line is nothing special; I made the choice to come here, got my acceptance letter on valentines day, looked at the tuition cost and looked up how to make a deal with the devil - ok not really but I probably considered it at some point - and now I'm here.

I recently graduated from Ithaca and truth be told I miss it everyday, I miss the people, some of my professors, and I'll never forget it.

I would ultimately love to end up with a job editing films / media of some kind or writing code, I love staring at screens :P